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You can find the answers to the most common questions we get asked by both faculty and students.

If your question is not answered below (and even if it is but you need further clarification) please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

What is CEDaR?

The Center for Educational Development and Research (CEDaR) is located in Room 340 on the 3rd floor of the Jeannine Rainbolt College of Education (JRCoE) in Collings Hall. Our mission is to support the research of faculty and students in our college and promote education through interdisciplinary collaboration in practice and policy.

What space is available with CEDaR?
  • CEDaR offers space within our office. We have two large tables for groups or individuals working on research and/or manuscripts.

  • Video conferencing equipment for use within this space.

When is CEDaR available?

CEDaR hours are from 10am to 6pm Monday through Thursday and from 12 to 4pm on Friday. *


*CEDaR moves virtual for Fall 2020.

What's the best way to contact CEDaR?
  • You can email CEDaR → cedar@ou.edu *

  • You can call CEDaR → (405) 325-3655

  • Visit CEDaR in Room 340 of Collings Hall (10am-6pm, M-Th and 12-4pm, F)

  • You will need to complete a Service Request Form. This form has an option for setting up a consultation with a CEDaR researcher who can best meet your needs. *


*CEDaR strives to respond to email within 24 hours, with the exception of weekends and holidays.

How can I get help from CEDaR?

You will need to complete a Service Request Form. This form has an option for setting up a consultation with a CEDaR researcher who can best meet your needs.

Can someone outside of JRCoE get help from CEDaR?
  • CEDaR is committed to supporting JRCoE student and faculty.

  • CEDaR is available for collaborations with other colleges and departments within our university and beyond.

What kind of help can I get preparing for a conference presentation?
  • CEDaR can print a presentation poster.

  • CEDaR staff is available for consultation.

  • Engage fellow graduate students via CANVAS “CEDaR Grad Students, Research Collaborations.”

How can I get help starting a research project?
  • Set up a consultation with CEDaR staff by completing a Service Request Form.

  • Engage fellow graduate students via CANVAS “CEDaR Grad Students, Research Collaborations.”

Why does CEDaR no longer offer transcription services?
  • While CEDaR does offer recorders and transcription pedal checkouts, the center does not currently offer transcription services*.

  • We hope to provide JRCoE graduate students and faculty access to transcription software in the future. Please check out our Services page for future updates.

* Transcription Policy: For the transcription process and CEDaR’s involvement, we are happy to provide consultation services, such as providing third-party transcription service recommendations, transforming audio files to acceptable workable formats (i.e. transforming the file from .aiff/.wav/.dss to .mp4/.mp3), and consulting on the upload process. Additionally, we are willing to act as an intermediary between the primary investigator(s) and the third-party transcription service of their choice, but in that event, we will require financial information and copies of transcription data.

What is CEDaR's policy for Co-Authorship?

If sections of a manuscript are drafted, co-authorship is requested. Please note, drafting of a manuscript includes writing new ideas or sections beyond editing services. To save time on projects, we would prefer to meet about design or data analysis, rather than write up explanations. If data analysis is completed for a manuscript, an acknowledgement is appreciated. We would love to start new projects at the idea development stage with students and faculty as a co-author.

What is the best way to have an ACADEMIC POSTER printed?
  • Complete the Service Request Form. CEDaR staff will contact you by the next day of business. *

  • Two different poster templates are available within the Service Request Form.

  • CEDaR staffs are happy to provide an extra set of eyes, but our staff will not serve as final copy editors.


*As CEDaR has been virtual since the outbreak of COVID-19, poster printing service has been paused in the last five months and will remain as such during Fall 2020. We hope to resume printing services as we get back to the normal operations. Until then, CEDaR will continue offering consultation on content, quality, and technical aspects of posters.

What kind of editing help may I expect from CEDaR?
  • CEDaR can provide general proofreading and formatting services to faculty and graduate students preparing a manuscript for publication.

  • CEDaR does not provide final or in-depth copy-editing.

  • CEDaR usually formats documents to align with APA, but we can also help with Chicago Manual of Style and MLA.

What does CEDaR offer in terms of editing a thesis or dissertation?
  • Since Fall 2020, CEDaR has taken a pause from offering academic editing, proofreading, and formatting to JRCoE faculty and graduate students on their manuscripts including  academic article, Master’s Thesis, and Dissertation.

  • Despite the discontinuation, CEDaR, acknowledging the needs of both JRCoE faculty and graduate students, will continue presenting the resources (Check out RESOURCES Page) on currently updated Writing Style Guides and services offered by OU Writing Center and Center for Faculty Excellence (CFE).