Data Analysis Support*

CEDaR provides statistical analysis support for faculty such as collecting data, analyzing data, and writing up the result. For QUALITATIVE DATA ANALYSIS, we assist with the import of data, data coding and analysis using NVivo or similar software (e.g., For QUANTITATIVE DATA ANALYSIS, we also support basic and advanced statistical analyses in a variety of software packages. We can help clean and merge data in preparation for select analyses.

Survey Construction and Distribution*

CEDaR assists with creating, distributing, and monitoring surveys using Qualtrics for graduate students. After data collection, we can support the export of data, analyses as well as reports.

Poster Consultation*

CEDaR offers consultation on poster designing for regional, national, and international conferences. We provide user-friendly research poster templates to JRCoE faculty and students. The poster printer is equipped to print posters on papers with a maximum width of 36″. Billing is processed through JRCoE IT.

As CEDaR has been virtual since the outbreak of COVID-19, poster printing service has been paused in the last five months and will remain as such during Fall 2020. We hope to resume printing services as we get back to the normal operations. Until then, CEDaR will continue offering consultation on content, quality, and technical aspects of posters.

Grant Proposal Support

CEDaR has a background in producing grant proposals for, but not limited to, interdisciplinary research teams. CEDaR can serve as a primary coordinator for routine meetings and task distributions for research collaborations. We have the capacity to write literature reviews, design research procedures, coordinate budgets as well as serve as an external evaluator. For further information regarding past externally funded projects, see LATEST PROJECTS page.

Research Consultations

We can plan personalized meetings for graduate students to simply chat about projects. We can act as a sounding board for ideas, provide general feedback on research design and help plan out the next steps. If you are looking for help with a specific research skill or software, we can give our own expertise, schedule an expert for you, or arrange a collaboration.

IRB Process Consultation

CEDaR provides graduate students with consultation for their IRB application processes.

Transcription Pedal Checkout Support

Graduate students can check out transcription pedals and recorders from CEDaR for a week based on a signed contract. Forms for check in/out are available on the SERVICE REQUEST page.  

Important Policies

CO-AUTHORSHIP POLICY: If sections of a manuscript are drafted, co-authorship is requested. Please note, drafting of a manuscript includes developing new ideas or writing new sections to its content in a meaningful and constructive way that goes beyond editing services. To utilize time adequately on the projects, CEDaR prefers to contribute to the design and data analysis components of the study rather writing up the explanations. Acknowledgement is appreciated if data analysis is performed for a manuscript. Moreover, CEDaR would enthusiastically be a part of new projects at its development stage through generating new ideas with students and faculty. If the ideas are valued, acknowledgement to the effort is expected in a successfully completed project.

TRANSCRIPTION POLICY: For the transcription process and CEDaR’s involvement, we are happy to provide consultation services, such as providing third-party transcription service recommendations, transforming audio files to acceptable workable formats (i.e. transforming the file from .aiff/.wav/.dss to .mp4/.mp3), and consulting on the upload process. Additionally, we are willing to act as an intermediary between the primary investigator(s) and the third-party transcription service of their choice, but in that event, we will require financial information and copies of transcription data.


*We ask you to give us at least two weeks to complete any project under these services.


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