Rural Educators Engaged in Bioanalytical Engineering Research and Teaching (RET III)

Interdisciplinary NSF Funded Research Project

CEDaR has been an external evaluator for the RET III Project (Rural Educators Engaged in Bioanalytical Engineering Research and Teaching). Funded by the National Science Foundation, this program recruited rural Oklahoma educators as participants with the goal of increasing teacher self-efficacy in teaching STEM concepts to rural students. Faculty members from the OU Center for Bioanalysis (CBA) collaborated with the primary investigators in conducting summer workshops. These workshops aided teachers in increasing motivation and interest in their students as well as STEM concepts as well as increase their self-efficacy and skills in teaching STEM concepts.

CEDaR was responsible for data collection. As the project timeline dictated, CEDaR sent the appropriate surveys along with reminders to participants in order to maximize participation.

Data collected was stored and analyzed by CEDaR. CEDaR was also responsible for the analysis of the data (qualitative and quantitative) and the write-up of the annual report.