John Rex Charter School

John Rex Charter School (JRCS) opened its doors in August 2014. It utilizes the best elements of a public-private educational partnership to provide an exemplary learning environment for students. It offers a one-of-a-kind, quality education to an economically and racially diverse group of students.

CEDaR serves as an external evaluator to collect feedback from the JRCS students, parents, and the community partners from downtown businesses and in other capacities. Most recently, in spring 2019, CEDaR designed three surveys for the first group of 6th-grade students in John Rex Middle School, the John Rex parents, and the community partners with a purpose to gain a wide array of perspectives on their opinions, and experiences on the educational mission and philosophy of JRCS.

The purpose of the John Rex Student Survey was to assess the 6th-grade students’ motivation, engagement, and experience with the self-directional learning and playlists provided through the curriculum. John Rex Parent Survey was created to gain a larger perspective on the educational mission, quality, and standard of John Rex. John Rex Community survey aimed to understand the community engagement and perceptions of the community partnership with JRCS. In addition, it also focused on the perceptual influences of John Rex on the schools in OKC public schools and the schools in OKC in general.

CEDaR provides the evaluation of the data through quantitative and qualitative analyses and it is expected that it would be helpful to continue the mission and to formulate strategies for future growth and further initiatives.