Dissertation Writers

CEDaR invites doctoral students who are in the writing phase of their dissertation, or any student who wants to work on independent research projects, to join this graduate student working group. The working group provides a time and space for students who are no longer in coursework, or who want a network of early scholars, to build community, collaborate and get feedback on their dissertation/project. This group meets weekly on TUESDAY in COLLINGS HALL ROOM 340. You can come and go as needed. This working group decides how to structure their work time. Bring a project or a question. CEDaR can provide resources for working group members such as faculty guests, workshops, help with department dissertation processes and more. Be on the look-out for the future in-person meeting schedule.

If you have not been able to meet in-person, and you are interested in collaborating, we have created a space in CEDaR Canvas for graduate student collaboration. Please visit the link below to join the other fellow students.

Sharing Scholarship

CEDaR aspires to showcase the brief bios, recent scholarly research works of the JRCoE new faculty and graduate students on our website. Scholarly works that you choose to be featured could be a journal article, conference presentation, and any other academic accomplishments.

Please visit SHARING SCHOLARSHIP page to enjoy the accomplishments of the JRCoE academic community.



CEDaR seeks opportunities to support interdisciplinary work within our university, as well as with statewide organizations. Examples of our collaborations include grant-writing, literature review, research design, data collection, data analysis, serving as an external evaluator, and conducting workshops for professional development. 

Four Year Research Engagement (FYRE)

For this interdisciplinary project, CEDaR worked on the grant proposal in collaboration with the Principal Investigator (PI) from the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry for a four-year longitudinal study, funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) in 2017. CEDaR conducted an extensive literature review to create the research constructs including surveys, questionnaires, and assessments that were reviewed by the Institutional Review Board (IRB) located at the Norman campus of the University of Oklahoma.

John Rex School

John Rex Charter Elementary School (JRCES), located at Oklahoma City Downtown, is sponsored by Jeannine Rainbolt College of Education (JRCoE). In 2017, CEDaR served as an external evaluator to collect and assess feedback from parents throughout the process of designing the constructs for the surveys, distributing and monitoring the surveys, and collecting and analyzing the qualitative and quantitative data gathered through the surveys.

Rural Educators Engaged in Bioanalytical Engineering Research and Teaching (RET III)

CEDaR has been an external evaluator for the RET III Project (Rural Educators Engaged in Bioanalytical Engineering Research and Teaching). Funded by the NSF, this program recruited rural Oklahoma educators as participants with the goal of increasing teacher self-efficacy in teaching STEM concepts to rural students.